Before or After Meals? When Best to Take CBD Oil 

Before or After Meals? When Best to Take CBD Oil 

Apart from other groups, about 200,000 people in Australia have been approved for access to medicinal cannabis usage. A large percentage of this group uses it to help them get to sleep, deal with anxiety, and deal with pain to varying degrees.

CBD oil and other CBD products are more widely available than ever before, leading to ever-increasing predictions of their soaring use. Regarding cannabidiol and its potential efficacy for a wide range of problems, many concerns remain unsolved.

When is the right time to take your CBD oil? that is the question of the day. Furthermore, is it okay to take CBD oil in the morning before breakfast? You shouldn’t underestimate the potential importance of these factors in determining the efficacy of CBD. In this article, Chronic Therapy answers these and other questions about when you should use CBD oil.

Best to Take CBD Oil

Most CBD oil Australia bottles come with usage instructions printed right on the label. Most recommendations simply state that CBD should be taken “with food,” without elaborating on whether this means before, during, or after eating. Despite the contradictory advice, we’d want to set the record straight on whether or not you should take CBD before food.

Understanding Bioavailability

Not all of the CBD in a given dose is absorbed by the body. Instead, the amount of CBD we absorb is limited by the product’s bioavailability. It is the liver that performs “first-pass metabolism” after taking CBD edibles. Because of this, the sublingual administration of CBD oil is the gold standard. If you place a drop of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds, your sublingual glands will absorb the cannabidiol and you will not experience any of the limiting conditions of the first-pass metabolism.

The Question Is, When Should You Take CBD?

The question then becomes, how and when should one consume CBD oil? As a first rule, CBD should never be taken on an empty stomach. There is more than one good reason why you should always take CBD oil with meals. Take it either before or after eating, but preferably after.

It has been found that taking CBD oil after a meal increases its bioavailability. Because most of the benefits of CBD oil have already been absorbed sublingually, swallowing it with food in the stomach increases the likelihood that it will be absorbed by the liver.

Basically, ingesting CBD before eating is a waste of money. Taking CBD when you’re hungry reduces the benefits you’ll experience from it. Because of this, some CBD users may mistakenly believe their product is useless and use more of it to have the same effect. When taken at the right time, CBD’s therapeutic benefits can be maximized.

When Should You Take CBD

Absorption Rate of CBD Oil After Meal

Did you know that the absorption rate of CBD oil may be affected by what you eat before taking a dose? Without a carrier oil, CBD cannot be efficiently absorbed by the body. Chronic Therapy does advise that consumers should take the tinctures from CBD that are made with a blend of fat-rich oils, like hemp seed oil.

CBD and other cannabinoids are most effectively bound to medium- and long-chain fatty acids, which facilitates their rapid and efficient metabolism in the liver. Increased bioavailability occurs because first-pass metabolism is still present but is suppressed by the presence of these substances.

In a 2013 study, scientists evaluated the impact of meals on the absorption rates of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Researchers found that taking CBD products with food increased their bioavailability by four times compared to taking them on an empty stomach. Click here to read more about Things to do if you are addicted to medical cannabis products.

What Meals Is Best for CBD Oil Usage?

What is the best method to satisfy your CBD oil cravings now that you know that you need to avoid taking it on an empty stomach? As we’ve already discussed, the bioavailability of CBD oil can be improved by eating meals rich in medium- and long-chain fatty acids. We also highly suggest using oils derived from coconuts, olives, soybeans, and sesame seeds with your CBD.

Designing fatty-acid-rich meals

Meat, fish, eggs, avocados, and nuts are further examples of high-fat foods. These beneficial fats are highly recommended to be consumed before taking your dose of CBD oil. In addition to increasing CBD’s bioavailability, consuming these fats has been linked to a variety of other health advantages, thus prioritizing your health is a direct result of your efforts to do so.

Consuming CBD Oil in The Ideal Manner

Dosing with CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) is highly recommended. This maximizes the product’s bioavailability, so there’s no need to worry about wasting any of it. When dosing CBD sublingually, it is best to avoid doing so on an empty stomach because the drug does not enter the digestive system. Eating meals high in fatty acids and then administering a sublingual dose of CBD oil before swallowing will preserve nearly all of the CBD oil’s therapeutic benefits.

CBD oil, which has no THC, is a great way to get the medicinal advantages of cannabinoids without experiencing the intoxication that comes from smoking marijuana. Choosing reliable brands, that provide standard lab tests showing that each batch of CBD oil is THC-free, as well as devoid of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants are very important.

How Best to Consume your CBD Oil?

CBD oil may be consumed in a variety of ways, including sublingually, topically, orally, or even by adding to other foods or drinks. While we have established that you shouldn’t take CBD before eating, just swallowing CBD oil after a meal will not have the same rapid or sustained effects. If you can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, swallowing it will make it just as effective as an edible or pill by starting the first-pass metabolic process that fully digests the CBD before dispersing its benefits throughout the body. You can also read about The Trouble with CBD Oil by visiting

Best to Consume your CBD Oil


Is it okay to consume CBD without food? Contrary to popular belief, it’s best to take it with food. To get the most out of your CBD oil, eat a meal or snack high in medium- to long-chain fatty acids before you take it. Sublingual administration of CBD oil for 60 to 90 seconds results in maximum bioavailability and requires the least amount of effort on your part.