We often have people ask “What is Family Support?” or “What do you do?”

Here are a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions so that you have a better sense of the purpose behind the Lake Stevens Family Center:

What do you do at the family center? At the Family Center, we help out with information and referral, as well as provide emergency food and toiletry help for families in need. We partner with a number of local businesses and organizations to be able to put on community events such as National Night Out, Back to school, family safe Halloween, and holiday giving. We also allow for volunteers to come and utilize our facility for their job coaching and/or high school community service hours. There are opportunities for financial coaching here as well as help with some utility bills. We work with other organizations around the area to try to find adequate housing for those who are either homeless or are facing the threat of homelessness.  We also have financial education classes.

What can I do to help? Please consider adopting a family for our holiday giving program. You can choose families based on your budget, or you can choose to partner with a friend to adopt a larger family together. We also always accept donations of non-perishable food, as well as toiletries, diapers, formula, deodorant, shampoo, etc. You can also donate your time to any of our fun events or on the occasion that we need some help with organization in the center or with our center garden and grounds. Please see our Get Involved page for more information.

How does the Family Center work with other community organizations? The Family Center works with other organizations across Lake Stevens to make sure that everyone’s needs are being met appropriately. We work with the food bank and community supper at Ebeneezer Church to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get food for their families. We work with the police and fire departments to ensure the safety of our community. We work with businesses around town to bring them to our events and keep them involved as well.

Is it funded by these partnerships? We receive funding from grants that are applied for on our behalf by our larger organization Lutheran Community Services Northwest. These grants allow us to have paid staff working here at the Center four days a week, making it possible to open our doors to the community so that they may utilize our services.

What is your affiliation with churches in the area? The Lake Stevens Family Center is under the umbrella of a non-profit organization called Lutheran Community Services Northwest. This organization is faith based, but does not discriminate against any religion, race, ethnicity, or heritage. We are an inclusive center where anyone can walk through our doors and be served.  Many churches of various denominations work with us and donate to our Center.