Best Preparation Tips for a Successful Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

Best Preparation Tips for a Successful Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

If you have been diagnosed with a vision impediment and enrolled for laser eye surgery sydney, there’s no reason to be nervous. Of course, anything surgery, whether minor or major, can be nerve-wracking. Yet, you don’t have to go through unnecessary stress. The laser procedure is super safe and effective. So, you can hope for the best.  

Mind you; proper preparation prevents poor performance. By implication, if you want to get the best result possible after your laser eye surgery sydney, it’s crucial that you first do adequate research to prepare ahead of time. 

You can’t walk into the surgery room without adhering to regulations. As medically recommended, every laser surgery patient needs to make sure some things are already taken care of before the surgery date. 

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So, how do you arrange for the upcoming laser eye surgery sydney? That’s what you are about to learn in this article. As an authority in eye care practices, we understand how tedious it is to make findings about what you have not experienced before. Hence, we have created a comprehensive compilation of everything you need to do to prepare for a successful surgery and get the best result possible.

Best Preparation Tips for a Successful Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

The Essential Things to Do When Preparing For a Laser Eye Surgery

1. Make sure you are qualified to enroll for laser eye surgery

Of course, laser eye surgery is suitable for anybody above 18 years, yet, not every adult can enroll for the procedure. For that reason, it is crucial for you first to contact an optometrist to have a detailed evaluation of your eyes and the entire body. 

For the records, every eligible laser surgery patient must be in a perfectly healthy state. In this period, you will likely have to undergo a series of tests such as vision and prescription tests, corneal thickness and mapping, eye pressure and pupil dilation, and more. These tests and checkups will enable your eye doctor to determine whether you would be suitable for the procedure or not. 

Are you feeling intimidated already? There’s no reason to fret. The tests mentioned above are typically painless and easy. In case you have any medical condition, your doctor would refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider to restore your health before recommending you for the procedure. Better knowledge about your eye’s health will also make you more relaxed as the surgery date approaches. Read more about P2 masks in Australia by visiting

2. Give your doctor full details of your medical history

An essential part of your deliberate preparation is ensuring your doctor has medical history details. That way, your ophthalmologist will have a free hand and a better understanding of what to do or avoid during the procedure. 

There is nothing like ‘excess information’ when discussing your medical history with your healthcare provider. Make sure you don’t hide anything from your doctor. They must be aware of every eye-related health issue. Not only that, but you must also extensively discuss general health concerns. It is advisable to take it from as far back as you can remember to keep them updated. 

Let your surgeon be aware of any medications you take regularly and the ones that don’t work well with your body system. Having done that, you are increasing your chance of getting a perfect vision afterward.

3. Stop wearing makeover 

If you are a female, you might need to adjust to a change in your look once you have been diagnosed and recommended for laser eye surgery. Indeed, you might feel strange going out without your makeup, but it is necessary.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to stay without makeup for months. You only have to avoid it for one or two days before the surgery. The essence is to keep your face, especially the eye area, clean from debris or particles that may increase the risk of eye infection. On the day of surgery, wash your face gently but thoroughly to ensure no makeup particle is left lingering. 

Depending on your situation, your eye surgeon might ask you to refrain from wearing makeup some days after the surgery to help your eyes heal faster.  

Best Preparation Tips for a Successful Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

4. Stop using contact lenses

If you have been wearing soft contact lenses to correct your vision, you should remove and stop using them at least a few days before laser eye surgery. If your contact lenses are rigid, it is better to stop using them about three to four weeks before the surgery. 

Contact lenses can damage the shape of your corneas and consequently cause complications during the surgery. More so, wearing contact lenses to the laser eye surgery room might deceive the surgeon into making inaccurate measurements, making the procedure less effective. 

Note that you won’t have to leave your eyes without medications. If you are struggling with severe eye conditions, you can switch to eyeglasses as the day of the surgery approaches. That way, you can still enjoy a corrected vision before the surgery puts a permanent solution.

5. Stop using lotions, creams, and perfumes 

You can’t afford to walk into the laser eye surgery room with moisturizers on your body. If you do, it might cause further complications that can worsen your sight instead of repairing it. For laser eye surgery, keeping your face and entire skin dry is always good. You must avoid creams, lotions, and perfumes a few days before the surgery.

6. Avoid screens 

Before the day of laser eye surgery, you should stop gazing at screens for several hours. Because of that, you need to stop looking at the screen of your mobile phone, computer, television, and other gadgets in your home. You may also have to avoid reading papers for long hours. The idea is to make sure you rest your eyes and make them relax before the surgery takes place. You must also get adequate sleep to keep your eyes closed and relax for as long as possible.


Having done all the necessary preparation, you must get up early on the day of the surgery. Although, laser eye surgery doesn’t take much time. However, you need to go and return before the ray of the sun strikes the earth. It is also good to wear something comfortable when going for surgery to keep the laser technology at a low temperature.