The Center was the answer to all my problems.


Eric’s life spiraled out control 10 years ago when he lost both his job and the house he was sharing with his brother. He became homeless, living in shelters, on the streets and at times going from a friend’s home to another.

Thanks to your help, when he visited the Center, the staff explained to him possible assistance services that ultimately led him to apply and receive a YWCA housing voucher, providing shelter assistance. Staff also helped Eric to make over 20 calls to apartment managers and set up visits to see the apartments.

With the support and encouragement of the staff at the Center, Eric found an apartment that fulfilled the YWCA housing assistance criteria. After a decade of homelessness, he couldn’t believe that he finally had a place to call his own.

Thanks to your support, Eric’s life has become stable and he has found a home after 10 years of homelessness.

Without the Center, we wouldn’t have a place to live.


The Gorchak family were here in the U.S. on vacation, but due to the civil conflict in Ukraine, they were forced to stay. The conflict had worsened in their home area, and with two toddlers, they could not return. When their extended family could no longer support them, they applied to stay in a shelter, but were unaccepted because they did not have social security numbers.

The Gorchak family then came to the Center, where staff did extensive research and discovered the family could receive social security numbers under very specific reasons. Staff helped the family collect the needed information, and fill out the application to explain their difficult situation.

Eventually the family received social security numbers and were able to provide the shelter with the correct information to receive housing and begin their new lives with stability and hope.

It is with the support of donors and community partners like you that the Center was able to change the lives of the Gorchak family.