Benefits of The Lake Steven’s Family Center

Lake Steven Family Center represents a center of excellence, it’s a combined fusion of collaborative efforts across local schools, service groups, coalitions, clubs, and organizations with the objective of improving and enhancing the quality of life of each family within Lake Steven and throughout the community.

This is effectively implemented through the introduction of family-enhancement programs and events that are open to community members.

Here are some of the benefits of Lake Stevens Family Center:

Early learning Programs: Lake Steven Family Center has developed enrichment-classes that include English and speaking courses, building a great work ethic and imbibing into children from an early age the spirit of excellence, Lake Steven ensures that young teens are prepared for the future by going through job preparation classes. There are also early-learning activities for kids who are between 0 – 5 years of age.

Community Events: Lake Steven Family Center brings some wonderful family gathering events to join members of the community towards a common goal. These events are aimed at bringing dividing families and communities together, fostering collaboration between the societies for the attainment of a unified community.

Examples of such an Event is the “National Night-out Against Crime” An event that is aimed at bringing all criminal activities to a halt. This event is designed to increase the awareness of crime prevention, crime prevention techniques, increase the neighborhood commitment to anti-crime activities and unite the community.

Some of the benefits of this event in the society involve:

  • Increase drug prevention and crime awareness
  • Build commitment, support, and participation for anti-crime activities
  • Develop a collaborative spirit and foster the relationship between the community and police
  • Pass on a warning message to all criminals within the neighborhood, that crime will always be fought back and the people will not back down.

Community Hub: Lake Stevens Family Center is known to be the central hub for the accumulation of data, resources, and information, to educate and pass on information to the community. This means that they are able to disseminate information accurately and assist the community in providing adequate resources that families may need in desperate times, this aid usually comes in the form of resources that have tremendous positive effect in the lives of the families that need them. To achieve this goal, Lake Stevens Family Center collaborates with some partner organizations that have similar goals.

Other services provided by Lake Steven Family Center include:

  • Provision of community-service opportunities according to school and court requirements.
  • Providing youth and adult empowerment programs for community members
  • Lake Steven Family Center has developed special and unique programs created for preschoolers, middle and high school kids, and also for elderly citizens and immigrant residents.
  • They also give parental support, art lessons, and women outreach programs for empowering women in the society and literacy events.

In conclusion

The Lake Stevens Family Center ensures the growth of its members and family by always emphasizing collaboration within the community, and always searching for ways to provide more support, more resources and more opportunities for its members.