Building Core Family Values At The Lake Steven’s Family Center

Amongst all the institutions formed, marriage is one of those that required maturity in order to run effectively. The design and composition of a family dictate a lot about how the family is formed and how the community shall behave. The family structure can vary from two to infinity as this is accepted but most families are between two to a maximum of ten. Following the fact that the foundation of a family is purely on marriage, how marriage is built is equally important as how a family shall be. Remember these are two adults who are mature enough coming together to form a family hence the likelihood of massive differences.

The difference in a family component can’t be effectively addressed unless there are clear family values to be followed. Many couples have confessed the differences that existed when they started in their family and how they made it work. The difference that may exist between husband and wife shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to family development.

At Lake Steven’s Family Center nothing else is taught other than the core values that help in family development and growth. Some families may call themselves the North Pole and the South Pole yet they always find values to look at when sitting together as a family. The differences that exist in a family could be work against rest, noisy against silence, high against low and in all these things what do we pass to your children and the community.

The focus at Lake Steven’s Family Center makes a family what the community may desire to have always. As it’s impossible to build a community without a family and the same way it’s impossible to build a strong family without an equally strong community, this has helped in the required realignment. Such core values led to what many desire in their family that can help mold the community and the family for a common goal.

All that we develop today will only be inherited by our children hence we must purpose to deliver the best. Talking of the community that we want to see tomorrow, the family that we want to see and the kind of adults we expect, all these must be done today. At Lake Steven’s Family Center factors such as strong community, empowerment, honest and service for one another takes the center stage of the development.

Once these core values that we desire to see in the community is implemented in the family including embracing community, implementation of this will easily impact the children. You are likely to find an empowered community because of the family set up which is the source. The end result is clear that will remain to be an honest community and families who are ready to work together as a team and deliver excellent results. At Lake Steven’s Family Center we walk the journey of building families and community together until we achieve.

Benefits of The Lake Steven’s Family Center

Lake Steven Family Center represents a center of excellence, it’s a combined fusion of collaborative efforts across local schools, service groups, coalitions, clubs, and organizations with the objective of improving and enhancing the quality of life of each family within Lake Steven and throughout the community.

This is effectively implemented through the introduction of family-enhancement programs and events that are open to community members.

Here are some of the benefits of Lake Stevens Family Center:

Early learning Programs: Lake Steven Family Center has developed enrichment-classes that include English and speaking courses, building a great work ethic and imbibing into children from an early age the spirit of excellence, Lake Steven ensures that young teens are prepared for the future by going through job preparation classes. There are also early-learning activities for kids who are between 0 – 5 years of age.

Community Events: Lake Steven Family Center brings some wonderful family gathering events to join members of the community towards a common goal. These events are aimed at bringing dividing families and communities together, fostering collaboration between the societies for the attainment of a unified community.

Examples of such an Event is the “National Night-out Against Crime” An event that is aimed at bringing all criminal activities to a halt. This event is designed to increase the awareness of crime prevention, crime prevention techniques, increase the neighborhood commitment to anti-crime activities and unite the community.

Some of the benefits of this event in the society involve:

  • Increase drug prevention and crime awareness
  • Build commitment, support, and participation for anti-crime activities
  • Develop a collaborative spirit and foster the relationship between the community and police
  • Pass on a warning message to all criminals within the neighborhood, that crime will always be fought back and the people will not back down.

Community Hub: Lake Stevens Family Center is known to be the central hub for the accumulation of data, resources, and information, to educate and pass on information to the community. This means that they are able to disseminate information accurately and assist the community in providing adequate resources that families may need in desperate times, this aid usually comes in the form of resources that have tremendous positive effect in the lives of the families that need them. To achieve this goal, Lake Stevens Family Center collaborates with some partner organizations that have similar goals.

Other services provided by Lake Steven Family Center include:

  • Provision of community-service opportunities according to school and court requirements.
  • Providing youth and adult empowerment programs for community members
  • Lake Steven Family Center has developed special and unique programs created for preschoolers, middle and high school kids, and also for elderly citizens and immigrant residents.
  • They also give parental support, art lessons, and women outreach programs for empowering women in the society and literacy events.

In conclusion

The Lake Stevens Family Center ensures the growth of its members and family by always emphasizing collaboration within the community, and always searching for ways to provide more support, more resources and more opportunities for its members.

Family Wellness at The Lake Steven’s Family Center

Lake Stevens is believed to have gotten its name from the lake that it surrounds. It is also believed to be named after governor Isaac Stevens. It is a city in Washington, the USA in the Snohomish County.

The first settlement in Lake Stevens was in the 1800s and started off as a timber mill settlement. After the destruction of their largest sawmill by fire and the inability to rebuild it, the city flourished on its own and by the early twentieth century, Lake Stevens was primarily a resort center, attracting resort beaches due to its natural beauty and location.  The center also offers wellness classes around yoga and healthy eating (paleo diet and keto lifestyle)

The city presently has a population of close to 30,000 residents. Most of the population came through the annexation program done from the beginning of the 21st century. Three of these annexations came from direct petition while one was from an election.

Recreation & Parks

Built originally as a resort center, Lake Stevens has a wide selection of parks and recreation to choose from. These recreation and parks offer scenic beauty and relaxation to people and families. Some notable recreation facilities are:

  • Catherine Creek Park: A park that is known for its natural look. The park is mainly used as a golf course and for walking trails.
  • Centennial Woods: This has gravel trails and barrows. It’s used mostly as a nature trail due to its scenic beauty and untouched look.
  • Lake Stevens Community Park: This large park is used mainly as a sports complex due to the various athletic fields for baseball, athletics, and a playground.
  • It also has a lush forest good for taking hikes and walks.
  • Eagle Ridge Park: The park houses the senior center and a community garden. Eagle Ridge Park also has a wildlife viewing center and a trail for walks and enjoying the scenery.
  • City Boat Launch: The beautiful lake Stevens attract tourists and residents for boat rides. The boat launch offers services like a parking lot, boat ramp and docks.


Lake Stevens is all about family and the family support centers help struggling families and individuals find a foothold in the turbulent times. The support center helps in cases of domestic and drug abuse, language and cultural barriers and those facing disability challenges.

The community covers six centers in the county and offers the following services: finding accommodation for people, a giving program for the holiday periods, help with health care services, assisting with emergency foods and clothing, help with searching for a job and utility services like power or gas disconnection. The community centers also hold events every month to bind families together and foster peace. One of such special monthly events is the National Nights Out against Crime. This is an event where the community comes out to stand and speak out against crime.

As mentioned before, the classes are the family center have become extremely popular.  The two most popular are the beginners yoga class and a class around targeted ketogenic diet.  These sessions normally book up quickly.

Lake Stevens has other recreational activities like the rowing club, the Lake Stevens historical museum, the bicycling club and the Washington Department of fish and wildlife. Some notable personalities that reside or once lived in Lake Stevens include Chris Platt, Katie Synder, and Cory Kennedy.